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Something must be wrong with my sound card! I just recorded 4 empty files for show 32 and am pulling my bloody hair out!

Sorry folks!

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All at once!

Life showers me with responsibilities right now. We just got our house under contract; we just had our bid for our new house accepted; my wife is facing deportation; the universe with eventually experience entropy; etc. etc. etc.

I really wish I had squeezed some audio here in the last weeks recent. But, keeping the house in tip-top shape and "staged" for the lookers really does keep a dude busy.

"You fucking slacker," I hear you saying. And, yeeeeessss, slacking has played a part in not putting together a new show, but I am an amateur slacker since I did post this!!! A professional wouldn't have even bothered to turn on his computer.

I know I should have plenty to talk about when things calm down (or when I get off my ass). (Depressed folks are, by nature, lethargic and imobile.) For now, why don't you follow me at twitter.com/raretodd. For those of you who aren't familiar with twitter--it's blogging for super slackers! You only get 140 characters for Chrissake!

Please bear with me while I continue my life changes in A) my living space, B) my wife's legal status, and C) my medication! It's a bumpy, yet not quite jagged as I had thought, ride. (At the moment.)


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